Vision is Paramount

VisionAs the New Year begins, individuals, and companies are eager to begin afresh setting new goals. While going through this exercise, it is critical to keep the main thing in the forefront of every thought, plan, and action. What is the main thing? One’s vision!

Vision is paramount in being able to accomplish personal, professional, and company objectives. However, having a vision is only half the challenge. Being able to communicate and share this vision is equally important.

Here are a few steps to ensure you are able to successfully share your vision with others.

  1. Put It in Writing
    Make sure you have a clear vision of where you are going that has been written. A vision is simply what success looks like for your organization at a particular time in the future. A vision is inspiring and strategically sound. Despite market shifts or even your mood swings, a vision does not change.
  2. Constantly Communicate Your Vision
    Whether you are speaking with your colleagues, clients, or vendors, share your organization’s vision. Be succinct, clear and consistent. Continue to share as if it is their first time hearing it. This will help keep you and others focused on the vision.
  3. Utilize Multiple Platforms
    Your vision should be in every format possible—video, written statement, poster, Tweet, e-mail, etc. It is a known fact that here are various forms of learning and it takes multiple touches to make an impact. Hence, it is critical to share your vision in different ways.
  4. Show Examples In every thing you do, show how your services and products align directly with your mission. This will enable your target markets to make a connection between your products and the overall vision.
  5. Be Proud of It
    On your website, in your marketing materials, on your social media pages, and even on your business cards, communicate your vision. Don’t use the same boilerplate language. Push yourself to use fresh, compelling language.
  6. Say it Again
    Get it? Yes, repeat yourself. Repeat yourself. And, repeat yourself again. You will meet new contacts, who are yet to have heard your organization’s vision as well as encounter existing clients and vendors who may need the reminder. Plus, this helps to keep the main thing—your vision—in the forefront of your mind at all times.