Role of Board Members versus Management Staff

The Adept Group partners with volunteer leaders to ensure the organization’s goals are met. We will handle the day-to- day operations freeing volunteer leaders to focus on the governance, mission, and key initiatives of the organization. The following table outlines the key responsibilities of the Board as they compare to the responsibilities of our management office:

Executive Board Adept: Management Staff
Description Governing Body - The group of persons authorized under state law to make governance desisions on behalf of the organization and its members. Executive Director - The person who has the day-to-day respomsibility for implementing the decisions of the Executive Board.
  • Governance - Responsible for providing the organization with broad oversight, not a function of management or administration.
  • Policy and Position Development - Review and develop policy and positions that will guide the organization and its members.
  • Visionary - Set the course for the organization well into future, reliance on the strategic plan, including a clear mission and vision.
  • Fiduciary - Responsible for the finances and resources of the organization.
  • Manage - Serve the organization in a way that ensures the financial stability, generates membership growth, optimizes organizational performance, and ensures a sense of common puopose among all members in a way that builds respect, recognition, and goodwill.
  • Implement - Create a cooperative culture to carry out the association's objectives, goals and vision.